Monday, September 27, 2010

sick sick sick!

oh my!
what a day...
and poor andy.
he's been sick since 6 am!

my heart breaks every time he makes a run for the bathroom...
but secretly, i love love love taking care of him!
we've watched four movies from red box...drank lots of vitamin water...
ate a lil soup....went through a sleeve of saltines...
and napped on and off all day...
lazy lazy monday....

p.s. andy makes really scary throw up sounds. :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

wow oh wow.

so...after four hours of struggle...
rosemary apple pie was a success!!!!
but the whole purpose of making it, a disaster.
my friend jessica and tyson are getting married today, and asked everyone to bring a pie!
so i prepped and baked and blended....
but now i can't go to the wedding!
sad day.

but it's a crisp, fall oregon day, and i pray my friends have a beautiful day!

here's the link to the recipe:

Rosemary Apple Pie

the crust is so flakey and the filling so rich!
you will not regret putting the time, sweat, and effort into it!

love it!

at this moment....

i am baking two...count them TWO!
rosemary apple pies...
we'll see how this goes!
it only took me over four hours to make them, but i have my fingers crossed!
i'll post the recipe if the outcome is utterly delightful :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Friday, September 17, 2010

this week...

man! it's been a while!
this week has flown by...i can hardly believe. thankfully, after the craziness of last week, andy and i got to spend a lot of time together! on tuesday he surprised me and drove us down to benton winery in corvallis! it has one of the top 80 out of 100 wines in the world! and they also gave free, yep FREE, wine tastings of their top 4 wines! it was delicious! afterwards, we both grabbed a glass of our favorite and sat out here...

and looked out over this....

it was so wonderful!!!! we felt pretty classy...

Friday, September 10, 2010

best video.

blah blah blah.

ugh. just got home from work, and i can't express how ready i am to be done selling bras.
people drive me nuts.
and really, i thought i was pretty patient person most of the time...
ha ha.

2 things i'm stoked about right at this moment...
-yesterday i found out the cart was three weeks behind schedule, which really dampened my style because i have a week left at the current job. and i could not muster up the strength to stay there for another week. no sir, not me. so i emailed my new bosses and let them know that i am free and would love to do absolutely anything until the cart was done! and guess what?! they might need a scooper in front of a few events...i am so stoked! i feel like jesus keeps reminding me that He has all of this under control if i would have the faith to trust Him with my anxieties rather than complain and try to do it all on my own.
-the second wrap of the day that i just devoured. yum.

things i am not the least bit excited about...
-i haven't seen andy in a day now, and won't see him til sunday. uh. i know it's really not that bad, but it makes my heart a lil heavy. and it makes me want a tub of ice cream.
-all the dishes i've been ignoring, and the overflowing laundry hampers.

WHICH! brings me to another thought!
i love not having to pay for water and all, but i can't wait to have a personal washer and dryer again! i hate scrambling for quarters all the time so i can dry our clothes! and...oh this is the worst...AND i am such a sorry sight when i have to lug a heaping hamper of clothes, laundry detergent, softener, quarters and kills! i always end up with bruises and such...oh i almost forgot! i miss being able to leave clothes in the dryer for days....that'll be so nice! for real. no more worrying if i dropped any unmentionables in the parking lot! and no more worrying if i'm keeping any one else from doing their laundry :)

goodness...i'm thankful that these are the only things i truly have to complain about. we have life pretty good.

i'm gonna watch party down and eat nutella out of the jar.
i biked today so i think it's completely justifiable :)

peace nerds.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

oh. harsh reality.

shaving in the sink is the worst idea in the shaving world.
i could practically hear the oncoming razer burn.
avoid as much as possible dear friend.

so i'm not very consistent...

i'm really not the best at keeping up to date on these things....
and i more of enjoy writing in random, choppy sentences...
maybe that's how my mind just works?

so's what i'm just LOVE love LOVING right now.

-the nutella peanut butter cookies i whipped up. i think i like them mostly because they gave me the excuse to buy nutella and eat it with my fingers as i baked. but i'm a "grown up" and i can do what i want. and i want to eat nutella with my right pointer finger until my belly rumbles. so there :)
-whip it. i'm so out of date. but i just watched it...and i started doing push ups in the middle of the movie. very thankful no one was here to witness the sorry sight.
-the new job i'm eagerly waiting to start. i'm the new fifty-licks ice cream scooper! watch out biceps, you're gonna get a rude awakening. and watch out portlanders, cause i'm gonna make you all smile even as the rain pours for weeks!
and that's a threat :)
-she and him pandora. epic.
-being a bona fide winhold. and a real oregonian. andy and i went and got our licenses (it only took like two years!) i'm gonna brag a lil bit, and note that i got a 97%! take that.
-being andy's wife. he's the greatest. i truly don't get it!
-andy's mustache. ha ha! i asked him to shave it and he's kept it all week. i'm his wife i think i'm allowed to say how hott he is sporting the mustache. i mean he's always hot, but he's double t hot with the mustache. :)
-cream cheese in wraps. i made some killer wraps with jalapeno cilantro tortillas, filled with ham, spinach, onions, avocado, red peppers spread on chive/onion cream cheese. SO GOOD! do it. you won't be able to stop eating!
-making the bed has become an unforeseen habit. i really like it. i get up. make the bed. and it feels like a complete sentence.

here are some things i want to love a lil more...
-knitting. with it getting all colder and stuff i need to pick up my needles again. they've been in mid-scarf all summer! sad day.
-not caring so much. i'm so tired of paralyzing myself with fears, worries, and overanalyzing. i'm over it. gonna be myself again...and not the girl i feel like i should be.
-trusting. growing. praying. pursuing.
-there's always room for improvement :) but andy's teaching me to just love where i am

bah...i'm gonna go shave my beastly legs in the sink.
smell ya later.