Friday, October 22, 2010

show and tell!

OCTOBER?! where are you going!!!!!!!
sorry i stink at posting, i get wrapped up in reading about everyone else in the world...
i feel as though i've fallen off this planet, and landed on one of my very own!
so here's what's going down on my planet...

-we got a wee bitty kitten! her name is olive. and we are best friends.

my former neighbor found her on the side of the road and she was barely a pound! we had a flea massacre, and now she is cuddly and adorable!

but...she's i all day i have fearfully walk around our apartment hoping she isn't stalking my limbs. she consistently targets my bite. i feel like i understand her pain though. my wisdom teeth are coming in, and it DOES hurt. so bite on lil' lady.
i feel like such a weirdo, but she is the coolest lil' thing ever. i love her.

-i've been sick like every day. head aches head aches go awayyyy

-i got a job! but they keep pushing back my start date....blugh. i just wanna work people!

-so, in the mean time, i've been sewing, playing with olive, and watching so much freaking law and order svu. i can't get enough of that stuff! i can seriously predict who the bad guy is after ten minutes into the show. so you know who to call if you need a detective i guess!

-i'm falling more and more in love with my husband, (mush mush mush, i know. but i'd be lying if i didn't bring it up!) with this lack of job and feeling like i live on my own planet, i've been having a few emotional breakdowns. in the past, i'd just call my mom, hash it out, and pretend nothing ever happened. but now i live with this stud of a man, and i can't help but emotionally vomit all over him. bless him. i can't express how thankful i am for him.

-andy's been working like a mad man. and i'm learning how to be his partner in all of this, without complaining and stuff....

-we went to the weepies concert! but i have to post another posty thing for that experience

-OH! our hard cider is now drinkable! oooooh it's tasty. kind of tastes like champagne, and boy is it alcoholic! i think we may have added a bit too much sugar or something! sheesh!

i don't know what else to write.
this all sounded so much wittier and cute in my head.

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