Friday, September 10, 2010

blah blah blah.

ugh. just got home from work, and i can't express how ready i am to be done selling bras.
people drive me nuts.
and really, i thought i was pretty patient person most of the time...
ha ha.

2 things i'm stoked about right at this moment...
-yesterday i found out the cart was three weeks behind schedule, which really dampened my style because i have a week left at the current job. and i could not muster up the strength to stay there for another week. no sir, not me. so i emailed my new bosses and let them know that i am free and would love to do absolutely anything until the cart was done! and guess what?! they might need a scooper in front of a few events...i am so stoked! i feel like jesus keeps reminding me that He has all of this under control if i would have the faith to trust Him with my anxieties rather than complain and try to do it all on my own.
-the second wrap of the day that i just devoured. yum.

things i am not the least bit excited about...
-i haven't seen andy in a day now, and won't see him til sunday. uh. i know it's really not that bad, but it makes my heart a lil heavy. and it makes me want a tub of ice cream.
-all the dishes i've been ignoring, and the overflowing laundry hampers.

WHICH! brings me to another thought!
i love not having to pay for water and all, but i can't wait to have a personal washer and dryer again! i hate scrambling for quarters all the time so i can dry our clothes! and...oh this is the worst...AND i am such a sorry sight when i have to lug a heaping hamper of clothes, laundry detergent, softener, quarters and kills! i always end up with bruises and such...oh i almost forgot! i miss being able to leave clothes in the dryer for days....that'll be so nice! for real. no more worrying if i dropped any unmentionables in the parking lot! and no more worrying if i'm keeping any one else from doing their laundry :)

goodness...i'm thankful that these are the only things i truly have to complain about. we have life pretty good.

i'm gonna watch party down and eat nutella out of the jar.
i biked today so i think it's completely justifiable :)

peace nerds.

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