Thursday, September 9, 2010

so i'm not very consistent...

i'm really not the best at keeping up to date on these things....
and i more of enjoy writing in random, choppy sentences...
maybe that's how my mind just works?

so's what i'm just LOVE love LOVING right now.

-the nutella peanut butter cookies i whipped up. i think i like them mostly because they gave me the excuse to buy nutella and eat it with my fingers as i baked. but i'm a "grown up" and i can do what i want. and i want to eat nutella with my right pointer finger until my belly rumbles. so there :)
-whip it. i'm so out of date. but i just watched it...and i started doing push ups in the middle of the movie. very thankful no one was here to witness the sorry sight.
-the new job i'm eagerly waiting to start. i'm the new fifty-licks ice cream scooper! watch out biceps, you're gonna get a rude awakening. and watch out portlanders, cause i'm gonna make you all smile even as the rain pours for weeks!
and that's a threat :)
-she and him pandora. epic.
-being a bona fide winhold. and a real oregonian. andy and i went and got our licenses (it only took like two years!) i'm gonna brag a lil bit, and note that i got a 97%! take that.
-being andy's wife. he's the greatest. i truly don't get it!
-andy's mustache. ha ha! i asked him to shave it and he's kept it all week. i'm his wife i think i'm allowed to say how hott he is sporting the mustache. i mean he's always hot, but he's double t hot with the mustache. :)
-cream cheese in wraps. i made some killer wraps with jalapeno cilantro tortillas, filled with ham, spinach, onions, avocado, red peppers spread on chive/onion cream cheese. SO GOOD! do it. you won't be able to stop eating!
-making the bed has become an unforeseen habit. i really like it. i get up. make the bed. and it feels like a complete sentence.

here are some things i want to love a lil more...
-knitting. with it getting all colder and stuff i need to pick up my needles again. they've been in mid-scarf all summer! sad day.
-not caring so much. i'm so tired of paralyzing myself with fears, worries, and overanalyzing. i'm over it. gonna be myself again...and not the girl i feel like i should be.
-trusting. growing. praying. pursuing.
-there's always room for improvement :) but andy's teaching me to just love where i am

bah...i'm gonna go shave my beastly legs in the sink.
smell ya later.

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