Friday, August 6, 2010

too much fun thursday.

Oh. my. so yesterday we had our first and only day off together this week! i geeked out a lil bit, and made a wee agenda for the day!

First, we booked our tickets for illinois! I am so excited for the opportunity to meet all of the winholds. it was something we have dreamed of doing in the future, but we never expected it to happen so soon! andy's parents are blessing us with tickets and we get to stay for almost a week! so we leave at midnight, yes i said midnight, and we arrive in st. louis at nine in the morning before meeting the parents at 10pm. so we get all day to adventure around st. louis....we're stewing so many ideas...i am. so. excited.

Then, we biked down to sweet pea cafe on 12th and stark. it's a cute cute cute vegan bakery that serves delicious food and stumptown coffee....andy had a bagel with cream cheese and i had a bagel with vegetable schmear? it was AMAZING! i have never been one for bagels, but i ate the whole thing without a second thought. even andy noticed!

And then, get this...we went to sauvie's island! this is something we've wanted to do ever since we've moved here! so equipped with nothing, we just set out for the mysterious island. after having to cross the scariest bridge of my life, we arrived to a nearly empty farm. but this baby was HUGE! we grabbed a lil' wagon and set out for some yummy berries! a few things i learned about andy on this adventure...
1. he loves raspberries! i had no idea! i was starting to get sick of all the thorns and branches that were set to scratch me, but andy was like a lil' slave driver! he wanted SOOOO many raspberries :) it was so awesome! he just wanted to keep pushing to get as many as he could! (note to self: coho raspberries are where it's at, these guys were SO tasty)
2. he prefers the small baby blueberries to the appropriately ripe ones. he claims healthy blueberries don't taste like anything...while the almost green ones are tangy!
3. he throws raspberries. so watch out and don't wear a white shirt.

so we picked blueberries, raspberries, peaches, and pickling cucumbers all for only ten dollars! it stole my breath away! this place is so rad, and should be a frequent to-do.

oh...i have to mention a conversation i overhead while picking made me so excited...
daughter: dad, look at how many blueberries i can fit in my hand.
dad: wow, that's a lot!
daughter: yeah! especially with how little my hands are!
dad: yes. you do have little hands....but how many have you eaten?
daughter: i've only eaten 2! but look how many i can hold! made my heart skip a beat! it was so precious. i loved getting to eavesdrop in all of these peoples lives, disguised by a row of blueberry trees.

next, we set out to find the beach...which we got bored of looking for after ten minutes. but andy said illinois is prettier anyways. :)

then we bought groceries to make a mexican casserole and pie! andy made a KILLER mexican cheesy dish as i made a sweet pie from our pickings!

it was so beautiful. then we watched dexter and acted like lil' kids the rest of the night.

i love him.

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