Sunday, August 8, 2010

ups and downs.

Today was quite a day...

I went to bed without andy last night, which is among my least favorite things to do. But i like to scatter notes around the house to keep him company as if i were there :) he came home late, and i woke up early to go to work...i got off early, which was so nice, and then met up with andy a lil' while later....then things got rocky. i'm convinced it's the tough conversations that will grow us closer and closer together, and for this i am thankful. it gives them a purpose i suppose.

then he went off to work! lamezor.

but i can't describe how blessed i am for the time i spent with a dear friend. we just decompressed and shared our guts. this is such a hard thing for me to let down my guard and say what's on my mind and heart. most of the time i think i get very political, and only say what i am expected to say. but with her, i can just be honest.

so we talked...laughed...and dreamed. this is my favorite thing to do. or favourite. we talked about all the places we'd be willing to had to be hot in the summers, snowy in the winters, big storm season, no humidity, and have tons of lightning bugs for catching.

this convo just sparked my imagination for what our future could look like. bah! i want to have a farm, pollinated by our very own bee hive....i want to live with or amongst people...i want to live for so much more than my own happiness...

most of all, i'm so glad that no matter what i get to experience and enjoy it all with my one partner in crime. that no matter what tough conversations we have, we will always be in it together. thank you jesus.

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